General Information


Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport (BUD) is the main airport in Hungary and is located 16 kms to the southeast of Budapest. With over 10 million passengers annually, it is the busiest airfield in Hungary. Budapest Airport is located 170 kms from Szeged.


For many international students the Hungarian climate can be very different from that of their countries, as Hungary has four different seasons. Whilst summers are warm, winters can be really cold; average temperatures range from -4 °C in January to 26 °C in July.

Hungary is in the temperate zone and has a relatively dry continental climate. The country is protected from extreme weather conditions by the surrounding mountain ranges, the Alps and the Carpathians.


Hungary’s official currency is the Hungarian Forint (HUF). Foreign currency exchange services are available at Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport when you arrive. Most places in Hungary will also accept credit and debit card payments.


Hungary’s tap water can be safely consumed and is of the highest quality according to European standards, it has been confirmed. You can also purchase bottled water easily in Hungary.

Power Plugs

For Hungary there are two associated plug types, types C and F. Plug type C is the plug which has two round pins and plug type F is the plug which has two round pins with two earth clips on the side. Hungary operates on a 230V supply voltage and 50Hz. You may need to bring an adaptor for your electrical appliances if it does not match these specifications.

Prayer Facilities

Szeged is a Muslim-friendly destination with prayer facilities available at major places. There is one prominent mosque in Szeged, conveniently located around the city.


The IOI may be recording, at its discretion, parts of the event for publicity purposes. By attending the IOI, you grant us permission to use, reproduce, and distribute (in full or in part) any photographs, videos taken of your team and/or sound recordings for publicity.

In Case Of Emergency

  • Call 107 for police.
  • Call 105 to report a fire.
  • Call 104 to ask for an ambulance.
  • General emergency service phone number: 112