Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I log in to the event app?
For all participants (team leaders, contestants, guests etc.) we will create the registration for the app. We will send an email to those who have been registered, which will include the password and the availability of the app in the App Store and Google Play store.

How do I know what’s for dinner?
The menu is available in the app and on the website.

If I arrive by car, can I book a parking space?
No advance booking is possible. Parking rates vary from hotel to hotel. Parking is not included in the room rate.

I will have a meeting during the event. Where can I hold a meeting?
Novotel:  lobby (the bar closes at 11 am but you can use it after that).
Science – conference room or lobby bar (open 0-24).
Art: Somogyi room, by prior reservation (free of charge). You can make your request to our hotel responsible colleague until 22h00 for the next day.

How can I pay at the hotel if I have extra consumption?
In hotels you can pay by card or in cash in HUF.

Do hotels have kitchens, microwaves and fridges?
None. We do not recommend bringing food that requires refrigeration or heating, but three meals and snacks will be provided throughout the event.

Who can use the Spa and Aquapolis?
Competitors will not be able to use the Forrás Spa and Aquapolis bath complex, following a decision taken at the Winter Meeting. A further reason is that the Forrás Spa and the Aquapolis cannot be used exclusively by IOI.
Other participants will have the opportunity to use the Spa and go to Aquapolis, at their own expense, so we recommend that all participants, except the competitors, bring their own swimsuits.

Where can I get drinking water?
Drinks are provided for meals and programmes. In Szeged, tap water is of high quality and consumable.

I need medical help. Who can I contact?
We provide 0-24 health services through the programme.

  •    When competitors are staying at the Forrás Hotel the service is available at the hotel.
  •    When competitors stay at the Pick Arena the service is available on site.
  •    During the excursions, the medical team moves with the full range of participants

In case of emergency, the emergency number 112 can be called.

What should I take with me on trips and leisure activities?
Sportswear and extra change of clothes, swimwear for non-competitors.

When should I bring my IOI T-shirt?
There will be a big IOI Community group photo taken on the trip on 31 August 2023, so please make sure you bring your T-shirt.

What do I need to know about using a SIM card?
The organisers will provide all participants with a SIM card during registration, which they can use to make calls and use the internet within Hungary. If you do not have a DUAL SIM phone, please ensure that you have a second device, as continuous internet access is essential for the event app to work.

Is there a dress code?
Please follow the dress code for the following activities. For other activities, you can use the appropriate outfit.
Opening ceremony: Formal outfit (As usual on previous IOIs.)
Excursions: Polo, shirt, comfortable clothing for leisure activities
Closing ceremony: Formal outfit (As usual on previous IOIs.)

An important addition: flags may not be worn as clothing at the opening and closing ceremonies, mascots are not allowed