About Registration

The IOI 2023 Host Organising Committee is pleased to invite all those who are qualified to IOI 2023. You can register through the https://ioiregistration.org/registration/ page until 30 June 2023.

If you do not have the password for the registration, you should contact your local delegation using the contact information specified at https://ioinformatics.org/page/members/7.

To obtain an invitation letter for your visa application, please indicate your request during registration and a separate invitation letter will be issued for this purpose.

Any questions regarding registration, including visa issues, should be directed to event@ioi2023.hu.

Special Needs

Participants with special dietary needs are kindly requested to indicate this fact in the IOI registration system. Please inform us of other special requests (e.g., disabilities, chronic diseases, and allergies) by email at event@ioi2023.hu.


The registration fee of 200 Euros per IOI country team is due to the IOI Foundation and is payable on-site in cash only.

IOI 2023 Host Organizing Committee covers local expenses for the team leaders, deputy leaders, and contestants in the period of 28th of August to 4th of September, 2023. All other guests must pay the fixed guest fee through direct bank transfer.

The IOI 2023 Hungary Host will provide for the following services for the participants while in Hungary from 28th of August to 4 th of September, 2023, exclusively in relation with the participation in IOI2023:

  1. accommodation services  (accommodation for participants will be arranged in a Hotel in Szeged, the first guest night is 28 th of August 2023, the last guest night is 3rd of September, 2023.);

  2. full catering  (breakfast, lunch, dinner, refreshments; as part of the hotel service or in connection with the official programme of IOI 2023);

  3. domestic transfer service (on 28th of August and on 4th of September, 2023.; between pre-arranged meeting points in Hungary and accommodations in Szeged;

    Meeing points for transfer service:
    – arrival/departure airport is Budapest International Airport;
    – arrival/departure train station is Szeged Train Station);

  4. local transfer (between event locations, according to participation in the official programme);

  5. cultural and recreational programmes.

The Host is not responsible for any additional costs beyond the services above. The Host does not undertake to organise and cover any services for those arriving or departing outside the period of 28th of August to 4th of September, 2023. Domestic transfer service is only available on the dates specified above and only applies to the service provided by the Host. Please note that you will be responsible for your own medical insurance. Also, we would like to highlight that the costs of international travel to and from Hungary are also not covered by the Host.

The guest fee is set at unanimously 1500 Euros, for all guests.

(We confirm, following a question received by email, that the above fee is per person.)

You can find out more about the allocation of accommodation at https://ioi2023.hu/accommodations /

The registration allows 4 guests by default. If a team plans to register additional guests, please check with us, the organisers, beforehand.

Bank account details:

Name of the Beneficiary: TechEd Hungary Zrt.
Beneficiary address: 2800 Tatabánya, Stúdium tér 1.
Beneficiary’s Bank: Raiffeisen Bank Zrt.
Bank address: 1133 Budapest, Váci út 116-118.

Bank account numbers:

EUR bank account number: 12010374-01901962-00200008
EUR IBAN: HU59120103740190196200200008 

Notice field: (Country name)_(Last name)_(Surname)_Guest_fee_IOI2023

Payment can be made only by bank transfer in EUR currency.
The deadline for a guest fee is 15 July 2023.
Please indicate your details in the notice field to identify your transfer.